When negative news hits the media and the brand experiences negative publicity, social media will continue to play an important role. It could be a faulty product, an accounting oversight, or a supply chain issues. It doesn’t matter; unresolved issues can quickly escalate into much bigger ones, causing significant financial and reputational damage to your business.

  1. With that in mind, things like localization and a strong hook are more likely to give your brand a competitive kickoff.
  2. You can accomplish this by staying true to your values, being transparent, and fostering open communication.
  3. Read on to discover what they are and learn what PR trends they think should be left behind in 2022.
  4. Customers can take advantage of exclusive deals, early access to new products, or special events in the metaverse if they are loyal to the brand.
  5. But the reality is that it helps streamline the PR processes.

PR Trends: Getting Ready

The first step to understanding influencer marketing is to understand authentic influence. An influencer is someone who influences through their work. Whether we like it or not, influencer marketing will flourish as a key PR trend in 2024. Twitter and LinkedIn will continue to be important in 2024.

Data-driven approaches

Clearly and honestly communicate any changes or challenges your company is facing, and be transparent about how they will impact customers. With these methods, you can help to build and maintain customer trust even during difficult economic times. Why is diversified outreach gaining so much traction as one of the top PR trends? It employs a variety of communication channels and strategies to reach target audiences. First is the growing use of AI technologies to create personalized digital experiences.

PR professionals will say goodbye to mass pitching and find media opportunities with a “quality-over-quantity” mindset.

Thanks to PR analytics tools, these things are becoming easier to measure. If you’ve been struggling to convince your executive team to invest the time and effort required for strong B2B thought leadership, 2022 should be your year to change this. Everything you need for successful investing is gathered in one place. That includes webinars, panel discussions, product launches, and press conferences. Plus, live streaming is more cost-effective than traditional PR methods. You can also use it to create messaging that will resonate with your audience.

Why It Pays to Pay Attention to PR Trends

PR teams need, at a minimum, basic KPIs like brand awareness and favorability, social media engagement, and quality web traffic. According to this growing trend, businesses that create diverse environments in 2023 are more likely to resonate with a global audience. Although digital PR is not so widespread in European countries, I still expect those markets to develop. They may be smaller in size in comparison to the U.S. market, but European countries celebrate diversity, and the languages, customs and behaviors vary greatly.

Social media will continue to be one of the most important PR trends in 2024 and the coming years. This approach emphasizes authenticity, empathy, and meaningful audience relationships. Value-based storytelling is another of our PR trends that’s about personalization. While aimed at a larger group of people, telling stories about your values aims to connect you with your audience on an emotional and personal level. It involves narratives that align with their values and aspirations. Journalists and influencers get bombarded with countless pitches each day.

Social Media

Web3 marketing will also lead publicists to try more immersive strategies to grab the media’s attention. This includes product trials and innovative digital events. You shouldn’t rely only on earned media to create a comprehensive PR strategy. This includes blog articles, newsletters, and social media posts on a brand’s personal channels.

Paying attention to PR trends can help brands know the who, how, and when in addressing problems and opportunities. This helps reduce the chances of PR opportunities falling through the cracks. Plus, you gain a better sense of how to promote or respond in a way your audience will appreciate. Public relations professionals play a huge part in a brand’s online reputation. Good PR helps you promote the image you’ve built and protect it. And by employing the right PR strategies at the right time, you can maximize good PR while making bad PR matter a lot less.

You can then download the full report to see our detailed findings. Arguably, its purpose is to innovate as a society, not just as an individual, and not just as one firm. Multimedia can be used to nurture the experience of customers. PR specialists must ensure that brands have an authentic voice and genuine belief in what they stand for. PR has always worked better when combined with other B2B marketing efforts, but in 2023 this will be vital. Brands that haven’t clearly communicated the social values that are important to them will need to remedy this quickly in order for PR efforts in 2023 to be successful.

What this means for the PR industry is that there is also more demand for contributed articles by outside authors—i.e., the kind of thought leadership that is so effective with B2B buyers. XCritical is a mobile trading platform, which combines all functions of a trading terminal in a user-friendly way. Install the application on your phone, stay informed of each transaction, and open new positions at any time and at any place. Want to dive deeper into some of these trends, or see how they can apply to your business? Simply book a free consultation with us to get expert insight into how to update your PR strategy today. They offer plenty of networking opportunities and Q&A sessions.

Striking a balance between earned and owned media is essential in 2023. Not only will this give companies the freedom to create the content they want, but it will also boost B2B SEO and increase visibility on all platforms. Seemingly overnight, consumers increased their expectations of the companies they do business with.

While it may make sense to begin with smaller or local outlets, plenty of tier-one publications are hungry for contributed articles by experts as well. Entrepreneur, the Harvard Business Review, Mashable, and Fast Company are just a few examples. Forex beginners are convinced that trading and investing in assets is difficult. Today, everyone who knows the basics and has a business plan to follow can go for it.

Now, let’s dive into some of the top public relations trends we’ve seen explode in the last year. What mattered to consumers three years ago might look incredibly different today. And since PR is all about shaping your image in the minds of consumers, you need to know how certain tactics and strategies may resonate with your audience at any given time. Some see opportunities with this particular challenge; however, it’s good to know the most popular Twitter alternatives to stay connected with the journalists who have moved there.


Consumers will quickly call out brands that endorse social responsibility but don’t do their part. Prioritizing actions over words helps prove your authenticity to your audience. Our social influencer marketing solution help brands identify, collaborate and pay influencers. Micro-influencers have led companies to pull back on celebrity endorsements and mass media channels in favor of tapping into smaller niches.

As these change, your PR strategies and processes must adapt alongside the change as well. With journalists and creators working from home, some may well have changed their productive hours to outside the norm. (traditionally the ideal time to send) may no longer be the best move. The bottom line is that you’ll want to double-check any info journalists offer about when and how to reach them, and be ready to change your methods if necessary. Brands have lagged when it comes to B2B influencer marketing, but this strategy can actually be extremely beneficial for brands in this sphere.

As a result, the writers they do have are often relegated to breaking news or more complex topics—areas where freelancers aren’t as workable a solution. This direct interaction with audiences fosters a sense of immediacy and authenticity. Media opportunities also emphasize delivering high-quality and relevant content. Plus, it demonstrates respect for journalists’ time by providing only valuable information.


In this article, we’ll go through what these trends are as they transform the industry and impact the business world. Finding media opportunities offers the chance to personalize your PR approach, tailor your pitches, and be of specific interest to media prtrend outlets. In 2024, you can overlook data as one of the top PR trends. Data allows you to gain deep insights into your target audience’s preferences, behaviors, and demographics. You can use this data to identify the right channels and platforms.

Media opportunity pitching – when you look for specific media opportunities that match the goals of your PR campaign and pitches. Mass pitching – when you send the same pitch or press release to a random list of media outlets. In-person events offer a tangible and immersive experience that leaves a lasting impact, making them an invaluable tool for effective PR strategies. It’s about creating a shared sense of purpose and conveying the positive impact that a brand can have in people’s lives.