One Chinese herbal medicine, XJL (NPI-028), has long been used to reduce the inebriation that results from alcohol consumption. NPI-028 contains the extracts of several plants including Puerariae lobata (kudzu) and Citrus reticulata, which have long been used to lower intoxication (Sun, 600). Rooke et al., (2000) has suggested that puerarin may block biogenic amine metabolic pathways, resulting in an alteration in central reward pathways. In our most recent study (Penetar et al., 2011) we provided evidence that kudzu extract may alter blood ethanol levels after an acute drinking episode.

Binge Drinking and The Kudzu Cure

In fact, we reported that kudzu extract did just that and interrupted binge drinking (Lukas et al., 2005). This profile differs somewhat from that of kudzu extract and may represent a novel herbal compound that may be a therapeutic candidate. The present study provides further evidence that extracts of the kudzu root are effective in reducing alcohol consumption but unlike any other medication (other than disulfiram) it does so after a single dose was taken shortly before a binge drinking opportunity. And, contrary to disulfiram treatment, the drinking that did occur after kudzu administration did not result in any noxious side effects, increases in subjective ratings of nausea, uncomfortable, or feeling terrible.

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The NIAAA and NCCAM had no further role in the study design; in the collection, analysis and interpretation of data; in the writing of the report; or in the decision to submit the paper for publication. If you have any questions about using kudzu recovery for alcoholism, please leave them in the comment box below. My standards for categorizing an herb or drug as a “miracle” supplement are quite high. Something has to create a massive increase in sense of well-being to fit into this category.

kudzu to stop drinking

Health Benefits of Kudzu—Including Whether It Can Really Help Treat a Hangover

This interpretation of kudzu’s possible mechanism of action was also suggested by Wong et al. (2011) who postulated that kudzu alters peripheral and cerebral blood flow. Puerarin, one of the most abundant isoflavones in kudzu root extracts, is a known vasodilator and is approved for such use in China following coronary infarction and stroke (Wu et al., 2014). Another study conducted in 2013, also by David M Penetar and his colleagues5, kudzu to stop drinking evaluated the efficacy and safety of kudzu extract in men and women who were not seeking treatment for alcohol addiction. The study included around 4 weeks of treatment in which kudzu was administered with an isoflavone concentration of 250mg. No side effects or changes in vital signs, blood, renal or liver function were recorded. In addition, it did not disrupt sleep, as usually occurs with other hangover cures.

  • This phenomenon therefore can create a strong synergy of action as complementary nutrients are made available in a timely fashion for ongoing bodily processes.
  • Trying to tough it out on your own can be like trying to cure appendicitis with cheerful thoughts.
  • The volunteers were all friends, and so were likely to enjoy a relaxed evening’s drinking.
  • We recently demonstrated that kudzu extract does not potentiate the intoxicating effects of alcohol (Penetar et al., 2010) and it does not interfere with sleep wake activity (Bracken et al., 2011).
  • While the blood flow theory of kudzu for alcoholism may be true, there is likely more going on here.

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The ‚kudzu‘ could cure your hangover – New Zealand Herald

The ‚kudzu‘ could cure your hangover.

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kudzu to stop drinking

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kudzu to stop drinking

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